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Вопросы и ответы
At what age can children be given TODICAMP ® ?

Practically from birth, if necessary. When children are in infancy, it is enough to dip a pacifier into the bottle and give the child if a tummy or a cold hurts. This can be done 2 - 3 times a day, and in addition to rub the feet and back along the spine with Todicamp ®

Are there any contraindications for taking the Todicamp?

The main contraindication to the use of TODICAMP ® is the increased iodine content in the body. In addition, there may be an individual intolerance to green walnuts, but this is extremely rare, at least for the last forty-seven years I have not seen such a thing.

What is the shelf life of TODICAMP ® ?

We know cases when the product was used 8-10 years ago, and at the same time, it did not lose its properties. Therefore, we can say with confidence that it can be stored in glassware for 5 years, but in a cool dark place. In dark bottles of their medical grade plastic, in which we pack it, the shelf life is at least three years.

TODICAMP ® treatment for cancer patients Do you recommend to give up chemotherapy in parallel with the official treatment or after several "chemotherapy" sessions, or not at all?

TODICAMP ® is not recommended to be taken simultaneously with chemotherapy, you can start using it not earlier than 3 - 5 days after the end of the course of therapy.

What medications or herbs is TODICAMP ® incompatible with?

TODICAMP ® can be used with most herbs and medicines, except antibiotics and heavy chemotherapy.

I wanted to ask - there are many Todicamp manufacturers now. Who is the real manufacturer, whose products to buy?

There is only one real manufacturer - our company TODICAMP SRL in Chisinau. The product was created by Mikhail Todica many years ago. During all this time, the technology of its manufacture has never gone beyond the boundaries of our family. All the rest who release their immitatins under our name are simply releasing a fake of an incomprehensible quality.

Before taking the drug, do you need to prepare: cleansing procedures, plant foods - first, after all, you need to get rid of worms or lead a normal life? And should you also avoid animal products during the intake? Does it make sense to use Todicamp during a raw food course?

The use of Todicamp does not require any preliminary preparation. He does everything himself, since he is the strongest antiparasitic product, actively removes toxins, and at the same time normalizes the functions of both internal organs and the entire system of the body as a whole. So, live a normal life. This also applies to your eating habits. A raw food, vegetarian or meat-based diet does not in any way affect the effectiveness of Todicamp. The extract can be used both during the course of a raw food diet, and during therapeutic fasting.

I started taking the drug - it tastes and smells of kerosene. I know that kerosene is used as a means of fighting diseases. Is it in the extract?

The preparation contains not kerosene, but a special fraction of an oil product obtained in a technologically complex way. It is harmless and is an ideal extractant for milk-wax ripeness walnuts. Our product is approved for internal use and registered by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova.

Is Apramar (amygdalin) used for prevention or treatment?

Both for prevention and for treatment. It all depends on the dosage. If a person has a predisposition to oncological diseases for one reason or another, or a person after chemotherapy or surgery, then he needs a prophylactic method, which is described in the package insert for the drug. If an oncological disease is detected in the active stage, then these are already other admission regimens for which you need to contact specialists.

In which form is it better to take Amygdalin (Vitamin B17) - in capsules or tablets?

Pills are a problematic option. A tablet, unlike a capsule, cannot consist of only one pure Amygdalin. To obtain it, plasticizers and fillers are needed. Otherwise, the tablet crumbles. In addition, at the time of pressing, a high temperature occurs, and Amygdalin, when heated, partially loses its effectiveness. The tablet is made by hot pressing using viscous and adhesive impurities. Dissolving in the stomach, and not in the alkaline medium of the intestine, impurities reduce the effectiveness of Amygdalin. If in one tablet the total weight is 500 mg (taking into account all impurities), then we can only guess how much pure Amygdalin is in one tablet. Finally, the packing company does not indicate the quality of the active substance (Amygdalin), does not attach a Quality Certificate. This is serious. Amygdalin is produced in pharmaceutical (about 85% purity) and medical (from 99% purity) grades. For cancer treatment, only medical grade Amygdalin is needed. But, it is three to four times more expensive than pharmaceutical Amygdalin. What Amygdalin is "rolled up" in your pill? This is unknown. Amygdalin should not be purchased without documentary evidence of the purity of the active ingredient. Для перорального приема лучше всего использовать капсулы - отсутствуют пластификаторы, клеящие смеси и термическая обработка. Кроме того, на упаковке четко и ясно расписано процентное содержание Амигдалина медицинской градации (свыше 99%), а производитель предъявляет Сертификат качества. Подойдите ответственно к подобной покупке, не давайте себя обмануть недобросовестным производителям.

Тодикамп® Помог Уже Многим!
Е. П.
01 мая 2010
Хочу написать свой отзыв о приеме Тодикампа. Возможно, это кому-то тоже поможет. Решила написать об этом препарате, чтобы люди знали, ч...
Е. В.
г. Санкт-Петербург, Россия
24 марта 2011
Андрей Михайлович, спасибо большое за ваше лекарство, которое Вы мне выслали ... помогает. Боли в коленях прошли, каждый день теперь могу заниматься спортом,...
Наталия Н.
г. Одесса, Украина
07 декабря 2012
Я расскажу историю приёма Тодикампа в моей семье. Это всё началось с моей мамы, которой поставили нехороший диагноз, в результате которого было мощное лечени...
В. Д.
07 марта 2013
Вот мой опыт и результаты применения Тодикампа: Мне 37 лет. Я уже давно  занимаюсь оздоровлением и очищением своего организма. Более 10 лет...
г. Ростов, Россия
02 октября 2015
Огромное СПАСИБО за Тодикамп. Измучилась с заболеванием ... Демодекс - подкожный клещ ... заболевание требуе...
г. Одесса, Украина
11 ноября 2009
Тодикампом пользуюсь сравнительно недавно. И, честно говоря, сразу отнеслась немного скептически к лечению этим препаратом. Так получилось, что жизнь свела м...
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